People need bailing out, not banks

I’m sure that it’s a little bit more complicated than this but would it not make more sense that the government bailed out individuals by paying off their outstanding credit card debts or at least a large proportion? Perhaps this is the reason why financial recovery initiatives are not working (and are not making much sense!). Perhaps we are trying to address the wrong problem by asking the wrong questions.

There are many choices of how to bail out people but it is the principle that is important.

From paying all personal unsecured debts outright to perhaps only paying the debts of people who choose to accept certain conditions to avoid getting into debt again or no option to refuse bailing out for people in default,  paying a percentage of mortgages as well, or any other ideas following the same principle of bailing out individuals.

In this way banks would not have to write off debt, they would still have some of their bail out money but through individuals rather than the government, people would become more affluent and more money would flow into the economy. This in turn would reinvigorate businesses and encourage them to employ more people and so on, allowing the economy to spiral in a positive direction.

And then imagine if this could be applied throughout Europe. It seems to make sense! Or is it too simple?!

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